I Am bear heart .





I am BearHeart


Son of Mother Earth, humble student to the Energies, Father to Haylee Paige and Summer Rose and guardian of the forever fire in Ramona, Ca.

I am here to live, love & contribute as much as I can. To be of service to this planet and all who pass through. Pure love is my Truth and represents the ways in which I navigate this experience. I have taken on a life of inter-mastery be it mind, body and soul. I help others remember their innate capabilities to

relight their ‘inner fire’ and their ‘sacred wild’

to propel themselves forward and pass any block in the way of achieving better health, their truth, peace, understanding and love.

I am here to be a strong Father, Son and Brother for La Forza Sagrada, a calling in a strategic stance to end all trauma to women and children for a minimum of 3 generations, for all of humanity to start the shift be truly safe.

I dedicate large amounts of the year living & learning with nature to give me the opportunity to

slow down enough and remember how to listen to all spirit consciousness that surrounds us.

I facilitate many sacred ceremonies , Vision Quests and initiations for men, women and young adults. Some of these include sacred plant medicine (deep healing and learning with the help of plants) and many others that require none. I combine Nature, our psychic abilities & Old Shamanism to be a reliable Guide while we work together, between this reality & other dimensions. This is all to aid in being a clean and clear channel for healing, learning and exploration.

Thank you for hearing my call, I look forward to sit by the Fire with you.

So it begins :)

Fly high, Root low,

F. Sebastian BearHeart Saputo