Wild Time With bear


A sacred living, breathing, feeling Experience
that brings us to
our edge to reveal what is holding us back from our truest essence.
To remember how to listen to the energies around us by
stripping away all distractions.

What is wild time with Bear Heart?

  • Ranging from 2 nights to 2 week journey out into nature with Bear Heart.

  • Having the honor of being a guardian of 25,000 acres of wild protected land.

  • An opportunity to experience your essence. (When you strip everything away, Who are you? How do you show up? How do you step forward? “removing all of our defensive masks”)

  • Remembering your inner animals by living amongst them, reconnecting to the elements.

  • Opportunity to learn about sacred Plant Master Teachers and/or tools to safely navigate alternate states of consciousness (learning to access more of our brains potential).

  • Taking the step forward into really living with Mother Earth.

  • The gift of having enough time to sit, ignite your inner fire & keep it stoked!

  • Learning the skills necessary to live, thrive & honor nature, the flora & fauna (plants & animals).




Being able to tap into our utmost truth, letting go of past traumas, programming, labeling & societal norms that do not serve us any longer. Truly living with integrity no matter the cost. Remembering our inner roar, remember our hidden innate wild calls. Learning how to live, move & be with nature.

I wanna get wild with people & be in the bush. Being able to hold people in nature to reconnect with themselves and all energy around them, in a space that fully embraces them to be as wild as they can. To be the most authentic & genuine version of themselves.
— Bear Heart
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