Dao of dog

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My goal for Dao of Dog is to liberate all dogs on earth from the confusion that arises from not being understood. No more euthanasia! No more dog abandonment!

In addition to learning from masters, I've dedicated over 50,000 hours to the deep study of training dogs & wolves, and understanding them for the remarkable animals they are by actually learning from them.

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To understand the dog, we must become the dog. I've been teaching humans to understand dogs from their perspective with a 100% success rate.

By diving deep into dog/wolf psychology, and understanding the similarities & differences between us, I can explain their nature & behavior very easily to any human who decides to want to learn.

Sadly, I couldn't help the hundreds of people who were contacting me for their training needs. So after 10+ years, thousands of dogs later, and now having enough true time & experience I've decided to create a series of dog training videos and offer an online training program that is very easy to follow.

***In doing so, I hope to reach more people like you to help reach more dogs that truly need to be understood.***

This system is for you, if you:
- Are having a hard time becoming the leader with your dog (or are unsure if you are)
- Love dogs and want to learn more about them to become a dog enthusiast
- Tried everything and nothing seems to work
- Work with dogs in any capacity
- Own a dog (or have a pack) and need assistance
- Have tried other dog training systems (e.g. treats, clickers, fear tactics, bribes, Youtube, boot camps, etc) and didn't get the results you were looking for
- Are a dog trainer who wants to take their knowledge to higher levels
- Are the average person who just wants to have a better relationship with their companion

This system is extremely effective for:
- Unwanted dominant behavior
- Confusion
- Aggressive behavior
- Fearful behavior
- Destructive behavior
- Building confidence in your dog
- Out of alignment pack structure
- Obedience & reliability even with the heaviest of distractions
- Training puppies, rescues, abused dogs, and deepening the connection (aka bonding)

••All dogs can be trained. They just need a calm, consistent, loving leader. Let's be that for them, as well as in our own lives.••