Bear Heart is the epitome of an authentic life aligned with purpose. I worked with him at two Wild Brothers weekends and feel very fortunate to have done so. He is an expert at holding space and fostering deep learning, connecting, releasing and integrating.
Bear Heart is truly one of kind — it is extremely rare to find someone like him who is so strongly rooted in the masculine while being completely heart centered and open. My experience with Bear Heart helped me open blockages and find my voice, which I was so desperately seeking.
— A.I.
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Brothers you are seen.
Brothers you are heard.
I felt an authenticity in Bear Heart that allowed my experience in Wild Brothers to settle into a deep sense of trust early on, and this gave my analytical mind permission to just rest, and for my heart wisdom to come stronger forward.
Wild Brothers restored my cellular understanding of the importance of brotherhood, and in deeply intuitively feeling that inherent nature of tribe; that playfulness, healing, camaraderie, and supportive strength, that I as a man have always craved with my brothers.
Bear Heart stressed that we cannot do anything wrong here, and to never hold back our laughter.
I felt incredibly safe to release the residue of fears and self-doubts that had accumulated over a lifetime, and Bear Heart skillfully gave me tools to navigate these areas where shadow energy was bottled up, stored away and forgotten, to open up and release these blocks, and to clear my channels for energy to flow more freely again.
This “direct experience” has been so key for me.
I’m still processing to greater depths.
I love you Brother!
Thank you SOul much.
— Raven Dancer
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Freedom, in it’s original intent, in it’s full power; Freedom is what is experienced at Wild Brothers. Freedom from judgement (culturally-justified judgment, judgment of the self, judgement of others) Freedom from fear, as it is faced, freedom of shame, as it is put into perspective, freedom of weakness, as your strength is discovered, and freedom from the lower versions of the self, as you are safe to be the fully realized ‘you’. What happens on the other side of Freedom...

Wild Brothers is a tribe of men who support each other to live in a new way, at a new speed, with a new purpose, with new values. It is three days lived differently so that the rest of the year can aspire to grow towards the peace, abundance and Love found with Mother Earth, Bear Heart, Briana and the Men at Wild Brothers.
— B.B.