The resolution

•the SACRED mission•


The Resolution is a energetic movement & stance that both Sacred Mountain tribe and TerraLuz tribe are supporting to end all trauma to women & children. All trauma including physical, mental, emotional, sexual, social ,financial, & spiritual for a minimum of 3 generations.

Spirit has made it quite clear that we as a whole, especially strong men and women, need to train to become loving & capable protectors of the women & children from trauma. If we protect from negative programming & indoctrination for a minimum 3 generations we can, on a global scale, reset our programming , bring true loving change & stop the ever looping cycle of victim, perpetrator & rescuer. Wars will end, slavery stops & the wounded get to heal instead of continuing to be wounded. We heal as a whole world to remember how important it is to protect & ‘honor the portals’ (women) as well as understand & remember how special we are as free, safe, creative humans. We will be growing and training to become the most capable source, mind, body & soul. We can understand so that we can put a STOP to Predatory Behavior.

My question isn’t can you stand for this , it’s how can we not ??

Please donate to the Resolution. There are more & more cases of abuse, assault & victims coming in & efforts being spent to create safe space for the wounded. There are many ways we are helping, the ones who have been manipulated are receiving aid in healing treatments, safe spaces to stay, & all the behind the scenes details. The reality of leading a movement is expensive & delicate, any support is welcome. This is our time to create our own reality, to stand & roar, saying Not In My Dream, Not in My Reality, NO More!

The Resolution is made up of a team of individuals who connect with communities where sexual assault and manipulation is happening! We work with these communities to create & develop the best plan of action for the accused, accusers, and the community affected at large.

Look forward to training side by side.

We train, play and love.
Fly high , Root low